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May your arepas be gourmet

Any time of the day is special to enjoy an arepa, what started as a tradition only as a breakfast meal has changed over the years. It has become an endless possibility for all tastes at any time of the day. You can eat them plain, stuffed, or simply add the toppings wherever you want; thus achieving a very versatile meal that will adapt quickly to your desires. The sky is the limit


Chocolo Arepa

For many people, arepas de choclo are the favorites of the wide variety of arepas in Colombia due to the contrast of sweet and salty in their composition. Fresh from the fire, they delight the diner and combine perfectly with the scrambled eggs for breakfast. However, they are very well enjoyed alone and at any time of the day.

Sweet and salty taste


Give your arepas a different touch and make a whole gourmet meal. Choose the right arepa and fill it with the ones you like the most.


Fill your arepas however you want, without regrets.

Arepas are the perfect food for people with gluten sensitivity since they are made from corn. They can be perfectly frozen and thawed in a toaster. You can also fill them with what you like the most and make these a complete meal to enjoy at any time of the day.


Arepas La Mejor

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